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  • Mexican Quinoa Salad
  • Mexican Quinoa Salad
  • Mexican Quinoa Salad

Mexican Quinoa Salad


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This Mexican-inspired salad truly satisfies! Quinoa, red kidney beans and corn are mixed up with parsley, coriander and mustard seeds to make a hearty and healthy meal. Enjoy as a delish meal on its own or stuff in a tortilla with some lean protein for dinner. The choice is yours!

Our Mexican Quinoa Salad is the perfect lunch option that's no fuss with big flavour. Plus, with 17.5g of plant-based protein, it will keep you satisfied until dinnertime! 

Vegetarian | Plant-based protein source | Great for lunch

Meals are guaranteed to not contain the direct allergen ingredient, however, we cannot guarantee against cross contamination as trace elements may be present. 

Total weight 300g

This product arrives fresh to your door and should not be frozen.

Per 100g Per Serving
Energy (kJ) 673KJ 2020KJ
Calories (cal) 161 Cal 482 Cal
Protein (g) 5.8g 17.5g
Fat (g) 4.5g 13.5g
Carbs (g) 23.0g 68.9g
Sugars (g) 3.1g 9.3g
Sodium (mg) 53mg 158mg
Fibre (g)

Ingredients: Red Kidney Bean (25%), Corn (21%), Quinoa (20%), Black Quinoa (10%), Water, Onion, Coriander, Vinegar, Olive Oil, Honey, Parsley, Garlic, Salt, Mustard Powder, Xanthan Gum, Mustard Seed Brown, Pepper.

May Contain: Gluten, Milk, Soy, Egg, Peanuts, Tree Nuts, Sesame, Crustacean, Fish, Lupins and Sulphites.

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