Q. So what makes THR1VE ready meals different?

A. Extraordinary health, made deliciously simple - we have done the hard work so you don’t have to.  Every meal is designed based on the latest science, chef designed and nutritionist approved.  Utilising deliciously fresh proteins and produce, and the best functional herbs and spices, with absolutely no hidden chemicals, processed sugars or unhealthy oils.  So you look, feel and perform your best.




Q. Why do meals range from 325g to 400g?

A. While every meal on our menu would be considered ‘ low carb’ by conventional standards, we have created both ultra low carb and smart carb meals.  The real food, high fibre and low GI smart carbs such as sweet potato mash or brown rice and quinoa, are simply heavier than the no- starchy low carb options such as broccoli and cauliflower rice.  Protein portions are very similar in weight across the range.


Q. Why is shelf life only 4-7 days in the fridge?

A. While there are many ways to extend shelf life, other than freezing all of them compromise on nutrient quality and taste.  Our mission at THR1VE is to empower your quest for health and wellness, without any compromise on deliciousness, value or convenience.  Many of us choose to freeze part of our THR1VE @ HOME delivery, especially those that don’t include steamed greens, which don’t hold up as well to freezing as other veggie options.  The choice is entirely yours.


Q. What allergens are in your products?

A. You can see the full nutritional details of all our items when you click into the chosen item. Even though an item may be listed as free from as a direct ingredient, please note - we cannot guarantee against cross contamination, so trace elements may be present.


Q. What are the cooking instructions?

A. At THR1VE, we know how precious time is so we have made preparation as easy and convenient as possible. Simply microwave for 2 minutes or if you rather, you can heat on a stove top between 8-10minutes. (Stove top recommended for beef dishes)

Q. What does KF (Keto Friendly) and PT (Post Training) mean?

A. All our meals are ideal ‘anytime’ meals, delivering extraordinary health, made deliciously simple.  

However, to better support our customers unique needs and objectives, we have further refined our meals into two distinct groups, supporting different functional objectives.  

KF meals are ultra-low carbohydrate, yet also very satisfying due to the satiating properties on quality proteins and healthy fats, and the high fibre content of the fresh veggies.  They are ideal for those looking for a lighter meal, and particularly to support nutritional ketosis.  

PT meals are low to moderate carb, utilising only smart carbs, which we define as real food, high fibre and low GI.  They are ideal for those looking for a larger meal, and particularly to support post training nutrition needs when after exercise, or to support muscle gain when eaten for all meals.   

BUT if that’s confusing, don’t worry - EVERYTHING on the menu is designed to empower you to look, feel and perform your best!


Q. Are all ingredients chemical and Hormone free?

A. ABSOLUTELY!! Not only are all products chemical and hormone free, the chicken is RSPCA, the beef is grass fed and we also only use cage free eggs.



Q. What is the THR1VE Protocol?

A. The THR1VE Protocol is our exclusive 8 week comprehensive lifestyle template, proven to completely and sustainably transform body composition, while optimising overall health and wellness.  

Based on proven science, the Protocol has consistently delivered real world results, reducing disease promoting excess body fat and supporting health promoting muscle.  Comprised of complimentary pillars that work together synergistically, the Nutrition Plan and Training Program are further supported by the included Training Log, and the all new THR1VE Cook Book written by Scott Gooding.  The complete bundle, and exclusive access to a private Facebook support group, is available for free with every THR1VE Protocol 8 week meal plan, available here.

The ‘1’ in THR1VE is all about you.  Your one short life, the extraordinary health and wellness you deserve, and the body you want.  The THR1VE Protocol provides you with all the education, inspiration and empowerment you need to make it a reality in just 8 weeks.




Q. How do I get started?

A. It’s simple. Treat it like a shopping trip from the comfort of your home. Put the items in your basket and proceed to the checkout.


Q. Do I need to sign up to a contract?

A. No way!  But you will want to after trying our delicious dishes.


Q. What is the minimum order requirement?

A. For free shipping the minimum spend is $90 (excludes Gift Vouchers).  To try a single meal or two the most cost effective option is to visit one of the THR1VE restaurants, which you can find here.  Alternatively, we will deliver as little as a single meal to your home or office, if you are happy to pay the all-inclusive $30 shipping charge.


Q. What is the delivery charge?

A. Delivery is free for orders $90 and over, and $30 for orders less than $90.  Don’t forget you can also buy a selection of our ready meals at all THR1VE restaurants, which you can find here.


Q. If I order a meal plan can I order extra snacks & Meals?

A. You can absolutely order extra meals and snacks. Just select them and add them to your cart.


Q. How do I make payment?

A. Payment is easy. Simply enter your credit card details using our secure online system or follow the prompt to log into your PayPal account.





Q. What areas do you deliver to?

A. You can check when/if we deliver to your postcode using our postcode checker located on our main landing page. At the moment we service Sydney, Newcastle, Central Coast along with Melbourne, Canberra and Brisbane Metro but stay tuned as we will be expanding this reach to adjacent regional areas very soon. If you are not located in these areas but are interested in ordering our products, click here to sign up to our mailing list so you know exactly when we do or alternatively click here for our list of stores.  


Q. When will I receive my product?

A. Our delivery days vary depending on your postcode. You can check your next available delivery day on our main landing page using our postcode checker


Q. Do I have to be at home when my order arrives?

A. We want to make things as convenient as possible for you, so if you can’t be home to receive your order, we have you covered. Our meals and snacks are delivered in an insulated esky with ice, which can hold temperature for up to 6 - 8 hours. We advise that you mention in the delivery instructions to leave the box in a cool dry place which is not in direct sunlight. Please note if you are not home when the delivery is made a photograph of where your order has been left will be sent to you vis SMS.


Q. What time will my order arrive?

A. Unfortunately, at this stage we cannot guarantee delivery times. You order will arrive anytime between 8am – 6pm. This is something we are working on, but in the meantime our super chilled gel ice packs will hold temperature for up to 6 - 8 hours.



Q. What happens if I miss the delivery window?

A. Firstly, DON’T PANIC. Secondly just place your order as usual and we will ensure you are included in our next delivery service which you can find information to here. If you can’t wait till then, don’t worry we have you covered. Just head down to your closest store to stock up on your favorite dishes, see our list of store locations here.

Q. What happens if I receive the incorrect order?

A. Firstly, please forgive us for the mix up. Then call us on (02) 9042 1220 or 0481 268 538 or, send us an email - home@thr1ve.me and we will do everything we can to rectify the situation.


Q. How do I cancel my order?

A. At THR1VE, we are promising the freshest produce we can possibly provide. Our aim is to produce and dispatch as efficiently as possible, therefore unfortunately we cannot accept cancellations once payment has been made.



Q. How do I contact you?

A. During business hours - You can call us on (02) 9042 1220 or 0481 268 538 or pop on live chat on the bottom left corner of the screen. Alternatively send us an email to home@thr1ve.me and we will get back to you within 48 hours.