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  • Chocolate Protein Balls
  • Chocolate Protein Balls
  • Chocolate Protein Balls

Chocolate Protein Balls


  • Dairy Free Dairy free
  • Vegetarian Vegetarian

The perfect snack to keep handy at all times. Raw and hand made, these chocolate protein balls are covered in shredded coconut and are your perfect post workout treat, or 'back up' snack to bring with you anywhere.

Vegan friendly

This product contains nuts.

No gluten containing grains | No added sugar | Only healthy fats | No chemical nasties

Meals are guaranteed to not contain the direct allergen ingredient, however, we cannot guarantee against cross contamination as trace elements may be present.

Per 100g Per Serving
Energy (kJ) 2440 595
Calories (cal) 356 142
Protein(g) 13.8g 5.5g
Fat(g) 23.4g 9.4g
Carbs (g) 20.5g 8.2g
Sugars (g) 17.5g 7g
Sodium (mg) 19mg 8mg

Date, Almond, Shredded coconut, Coconut Oil, Cacao powder, [Organic Wholegrain Brown Rice (sprouted, Bio-fermented, raw)].